Saffron Gin

$ 75.00 AUD


Saffron Gin is a luxurious and vibrant gin, boasting a deeply rich saffron base complemented by hints of toffee. It offers a floral and spicy palate, featuring the warmth of Tasmanian Pepperberries and a sublime, lingering saffron finish.


Saffron Gin is a true sensory delight, capturing the essence of saffron's luxurious and rich character. Each sip offers a complex and deeply satisfying experience, starting with the vibrant and aromatic saffron notes that instantly captivate the senses. The addition of toffee adds a subtle sweetness, balancing the saffron's intensity and adding depth to the flavour profile. The palate is further enriched by floral and spicy notes, creating a harmonious and multi-layered taste sensation. The warmth of Tasmanian pepperberry adds a comforting element, while the saffron lingers on the finish, leaving a lasting impression of its decadent flavour.

Tasting Notes

Saffron Gin is a sensory wonderland in a glass, with each botanical contributing to its complex and captivating flavour profile. The saffron shines through as the star of the show, providing a deeply rich and aromatic base. The toffee notes add a touch of sweetness, enhancing the saffron's natural complexity. On the palate, the gin offers a delightful interplay of floral and spicy notes, creating a dynamic and engaging drinking experience. The Tasmanian pepperberry adds a unique warmth that lingers on the palate, complementing the saffron's flavour profile. The finish is sublime, with the saffron leaving a lasting impression that invites you to savour each sip. Saffron Gin is a true indulgence, perfect for those looking to elevate their gin experience to new heights.